Before Taking The Plunge

2013_04_12 SkydiveIt was a pretty lovely day, but where’s the fun in leaving photos as true representations of the scene, huh?

15,000 ft up. On the count of three, step out.


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You caught me, I may have posted to the wrong blog…

But if you came all the way here, I feel I should share a photo with you!

2013_03 Skyline and Cookies-4274


The rest are at the new place: WheresThatAccentFrom.


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Time for something new! (I hope you’ll join us…)

Hello folks!

Firstly, I hope 2013 is treating you well! Personally, so much changed in 2012, that I can’t wait to see what this year brings..!

Anyway, as I said at the end of the 365-project, I thought I’d probably try something new this year. Well, I really enjoyed the experience of blogging last year – so it’s going to be continued this year, but as a joint project.

A less ‘specifically photos’ and more ‘bits and pieces as we go along’ kind of blog, pseudo-documenting the adventures of an Englishman (yours truly) and my American. We figured that if there’s a serious distance involved half the time, we may as well make something of the different environments!

If you get a chance, please take a peek at the brand new Where’s That Accent From? 




2013_03_04 Moving

PS. This is the most movement-related photo I could find close to hand. It was a movement-mistake but it counts!

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Day 366 – 31st Dec

2012_12_31 New Year

The End of Two Thousand and Twelve

It ended with a bang! Or rather, the very first moments of 2013 were consumed with a bang. Or two… Today, we have two photos: both taken from the roof of our London flat; I can’t decide which I prefer.

I may as well say it, but yes, I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging, lately! Doing the 365-project for 2012 was a great thing to do, and most of the time I enjoyed it, but I think most importantly it pushed me to photograph regularly. I’ll have a review of 2012 in another post, I think. The main reason for my online absence is that I have once again moved where I live – and moving is both a time-consuming and stressful affair. But now, I’m pretty much settled once again, so I’m back online…

As B has already blogged, we had a fantastic New Year’s Eve – good food, great company and a brilliant fireworks display! We went up to the roof as we reckoned we could get a bit of a view, and it would just be cool to be outside for the Bells… but to say we were ‘pleasantly surprised’ by the view would be a massive understatement.

It was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Wrapped up warm, watching the lights with B, knowing we had a cosy flat 20ft away – easily the best New Year’s Eve I’ve had.

2012_12_31 New Year B

By the way, Westminster looks amazing when silhouetted by explosions. I’m going to miss it, but one day we will be back, I have no doubt!

So long, 2012… you were quite a year! And with that, the 365+1 project is wrapped up. I will definitely carry on blogging, but as it’ll be with an ‘as and when’ regularity, I’ll need a name change. Watch this space.

Finally, thank you so, so much to absolutely everyone following. May 2013 bring everything you need and most of the things you want..!


PS. I am amazed the ‘Day xx’ numbers were right at the end of the year.

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Day 365 – 30th Dec

2012_12_30 Discovering TreasureDiscovering Treasure

Another day, another wander. This time, following a very familiar route but just one street over… how have we never been down here before?! This city never ceases to amaze, and I have absolutely no doubt that if we spent another ten years here, we would continue to find new things with every weekend-walk…

This is a little criss-cross of narrow streets, one street left of Regent St. Dozens of little independent shops and cafes and bars. One place we shall definitely explore more when we next have the chance.

If you find yourself in the area (perhaps visiting mega-Waterstones at Piccadilly Circus..?) then I urge you to have a look around!


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Day 364 – 29th Dec

2012_12_29 Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park had a massive Christmas Market/ fair over the holiday, so of course we braved the rubbish weather to take a look!

2012_12_29 Winter Wonderland

High winds, single-digit temperatures and horizontal rain? No worries!

2012_12_29 Winter Wonderland

You know I love a good sign… This was no exception! Don’t crush the kids, now.

2012_12_29 Winter WonderlandIn the end, we wrapped up the trip with some flame-grilled German sausage – seemed like the thing to do – but were hugely impressed with the daddy-of-all-barbeques!


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Day 363 – 28th Dec

2012_12_26 Out Snapping

Out Snapping

Here are a couple of my favourites from those ‘wandering abouts’ I mentioned.

I’m very shortly going to be moving out of London, but I really think that the view of Westminster from the Southern Bank of the Thames is one of the things I’m going to miss the most. It’s just an incredible building… on both good and bad days.

2012_12_28 Out Snapping


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